Saranya Kankipati

I smile, but I'm probably reciting a situational movie dialogue in my head. Cheese makes my life better.

It’s a Sin to Kill a Mockingbird

Miss Caroline said, “Well done, Scout!” as she saw Jem and me leaving the theatre. I signaled her a thank you and started walking home with Jem. We had a lot of fun and a tad bit of discomfort walking… Continue Reading →

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Rosy Retrospection

As you read this, picture yourself back in the 1970s. You would be getting ready to catch your college bus as golden rays light up your open veranda. Your grandpa would be strolling on the balcony reading the newspaper. Everyone… Continue Reading →

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Pandemics-Then and Now

“There is light at the end of the tunnel” is what we all have been telling ourselves since the outbreak of Covid-19. Making a comeback in the history of pandemics, Covid-19 dominated the year 2020. With the vaccine rolling out,… Continue Reading →

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A Note to the Alive

As I take a stroll in the graveyard observing my funeral, I find a few crying and the other meticulously bored by the doings. Yet it feels so light, death actually took away the pain of my congenital disease. But… Continue Reading →

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The Deserted Mainstay

“Domestic workers go without salaries, work during the lockdown”, headlined India Today.   The global novel Coronavirus is keeping us on hold in our homes. While we let it all hang and begin to discover our passions, the burden of… Continue Reading →

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Do You See What I See?

David wakes up to find everything unusual. The glittering sun rays that spread various hues of shine are not silver or gold, the grass is not green, the sky is not blue. Everything in sight is anomalistic to him. In… Continue Reading →

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