Saketh Ram Josyabhatla

I’m a nemophile (No. Not Finding Nemo), a javaphile (No. I prefer python), a pianist (No. Not pop songs) and what not. What I can’t express through music, I express through words.

I, Human

  Susan Calvin and Peter Bogert were at the table debating the deployment of DZ-27 robots. Their receptors could be used to track the synapses of the positronic brains of other robots. In other words, they could read the robots’… Continue Reading →

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Revisiting the Classics of Indian Television – Ramayan and Mahabharat

Now, before you prepare yourself to yawn and look down upon this article as an obsolete one, let me remind you that one of these shows has surpassed Game of Thrones’ viewership records. So brace yourself to travel thousands of… Continue Reading →

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If only for once, I could be God

Look at that elegant albatross, Spanning its wings wide and bright, Embellishing the creation’s might, Squeaking aloud as it soars across.   Look at those lustrous fireflies, Invariably fluttering outdoors, To endeavour worldly chores, Like stars in a mortal guise…. Continue Reading →

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