Sadwi Kandula

Why does time only move forward?

Imagine someone cracked an egg on your head. There’s yolk dripping down your forehead. Now you’ve got to clean yourself up. But wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just un-break the egg and skip taking a shower and change… Continue Reading →

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Does education help solve social problems?

Education plays an important role in the evolution of a nation. Today, people are warming up to the idea of education being instrumental in an all-rounded development of a person instead of just being a course to earn degrees and… Continue Reading →

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Psychic Anomaly

The smell of smoke fills my nose as I slowly flutter my eyes open. My entire body feels heavy with pain. I look to my side and find my father unconscious with blood dripping down from his forehead.  The sudden… Continue Reading →

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Do The Dead Dream?

A month ago,  humans almost ceased to exist. A virus, whose origin is still unknown, spread through the world killing people. The trouble was, they didn’t stay dead. The infection re-animated their bodies and converted them into deadly creatures that… Continue Reading →

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