Pratish Mashankar

That guy who will stay quite for hours but will never shut when spoken to. Over a cup of coffee, our conversations would range from Game of Thrones to the Mahabharata. Spirit animal: Gina Linneti, the human form of the 100 emoji.

Lakshmi’s Lakshya

I, a poor man, wish to have money. I, a farmer, hope for a bountiful harvest. I, a herder, wish my cattle is always satisfied. I, an artist, wish my art never fades. I, a soldier, hope for the strength… Continue Reading →

The King of Dance

I glanced at the deer, as he jumped from one place to another. Whenever he bent forward to drink water from the lake amidst the rainforest, he looked up after each sip, keeping an eye out for a possible predator… Continue Reading →

Narayan’s Nara

I live in a house bounded by four walls. Inside of whom, exist my ideas and expressions, and outside them, there are laws and rules different from what I follow inside. Precisely, within these walls lie culture: Sanskruti (my establishment)… Continue Reading →

Brahma’s Bhram

I stand on the shore with you, dear reader, as a wave approaches us. We anticipate its arrival, while our feet are buried deep in the warmth of wet sand. We see the horizon as well, where the sun meets… Continue Reading →

To The ‘You’niverse

I guess, the most unpredictable thing after Argentina-Croatia’s 0-3 match, is the month of June. First, the ACs shoot 20 degrees, and the very next moment, you end up begging for blankets. Well, how cute it is, that they call… Continue Reading →

Period Grew A Leg

“I saw death; ‘no’ I said,  for my story wasn’t over yet” The line started with a capital, letters intervened to form words; words marched to form sentences, while ideas entangled with imagination. There came a time, when the parade… Continue Reading →

Subhanallah, Justice Mashallah

Disclaimer: The following article deals with the practice of Triple Talaq within the context of the Indian Constitution and Shayara Bano’s movement to abolish it.  It has been written with great sensitivity on part of the author and no offence… Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Defied Death

Decrypting the legend and iconography of MarkandeyaDISCLAIMER: The following article aims to comprehend the legend and iconography of Markandeya from the author’s point of view and does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual or group. The stories… Continue Reading →

Our Tribute to the Tiranga

On 26th January 2018, India celebrated its 69th Republic Day. It was today when the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950, replacing the Government of India Act as the governing document of India. While people from Kashmir to… Continue Reading →

Infinite’s hand on Infinity

Infinite’s hand on Infinity -The mystery behind Padmanabhaswamy’s hand on Shiva Within infinite myths lies the eternal truth Who sees it all Varuna has hundred eyes Indra a thousand You and I only two. ~Devdutta Pattanaik When we observe the… Continue Reading →

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