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A sports lover, movie buff and an artist trying to explore the world of expressing through writing and sketching.

Almost human-like robots

Russia, 2027. Isn’t it fascinating how we humans have evolved? Thriving for perfection, we’re in a race for continuous development. This century has seen tremendous changes that none of our ancestors would’ve ever imagined. And as we’ve evolved, so has… Continue Reading →

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Chanakya : the most famous chapter

“A man is great by deeds, not by birth” “Keep your friends close and enemies closer” Most of you might’ve come across these quotes before. If you haven’t, these were quoted by the brilliant thinker Chanakya. These are just two… Continue Reading →

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A Better Future Written in Blood

March 13, 2020  “Breaking news! A family of three was found dead near the bridge last night. Currently, the police have refused to disclose any details. They seem to have found some clues which have not been shared with the… Continue Reading →

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Chhapaak : Bravery in Adversity

A strong message-oriented story closely related to intense real-life incidents is something we’ve come to expect from Meghna Gulzar’s movies from recent years. And here she’s with yet another bold attempt ‘Chhapaak’. The Deepika Padukone – starrer released on the… Continue Reading →

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Dandeli : A Journey with Mother Nature

India is a country that receives high rainfalls during the monsoon. Once the season drifts away to the end of September, October’s said to be the perfect time to visit places with a high level of vegetation like the hill… Continue Reading →

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All we wish for is a chance

Everyone has a different definition of life. But technically, life is usually about how we react to a series of incidents that transpire to us. These, for anyone, are a blend of many emotions like grief, despair, bliss, etc. Reacting… Continue Reading →

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Marvel and Oscars 2019

Marvel has successfully completed 10 years in the cinema industry in 2018. A lot of its movies had made it to the Oscars but couldn’t get hold of one. Including the very first movie in the banner, Iron Man, most… Continue Reading →

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Life in PUBG

It was a squad’s battle (4 players per squad) in Erangel and my teammates and I were waiting on a strange island to take off. Over 40 seconds of time left on the timer and the count of people kept… Continue Reading →

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India’s Sporting Triumphs – 2018

‘And it’s India!’ ‘India has bagged the gold medal in the finals’. Be it any sporting event, at the blow of the final whistle, every Indian hope to hear such announcements. The performance of our athletes, in the recent international… Continue Reading →

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Kerala – Submerged In Floods

The popular tourist place known for its landscapes and backwaters is now submerged in floods. The monsoon this year came with a curse to the Keralites. Constant heavy rainfalls throughout the months of July and August caused severe floods in… Continue Reading →

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In the Shadows

A certain question that we all come across very often is – “What is your goal in life?” In general, there are many answers to this question, but from an athlete’s point of view, the immediate response would be winning… Continue Reading →

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Interestingly Strange Places Of Worship

India is a very different country when compared to others and usually, we are proud of this fact. With hundreds of religions being followed and thousands of languages with different accents being spoken, there still exists diversity in our country…. Continue Reading →

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A wall of Memories- Saksham 2K18

Art, in modern times, has become very essential. Today, it isn’t just a way to earn a livelihood but also a key to social change. It is effective when it is used to create awareness. Money is not what motivates… Continue Reading →

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