Nithya Gubbala

Things you didn’t know about Faculty of KMIT

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge -Albert Einstein Our teachers made us what we are. While they take utmost care to nurture us, how much do we really know them? Well,… Continue Reading →

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10 Things Every KMITian can Expect from 2015

10 Things Every KMITian can Expect from 2015 1. JNTU will start giving sensible question papers and results I’d rather let’s pray, that JNTU will give us those Marks we deserve at least from following semester on wards. 2.Microsoft will… Continue Reading →

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15 things every KMITian can relate to!

Keshav Memorial Institute of technology what we fondly call KMIT, in all its glory is loved by all of us. No matter how unsure you are of it in the beginning, it will show you reasons why you were wrong…. Continue Reading →

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Top 12 Apps of 2013

Are we utilizing apps? Or apps dictating us?

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The Syrian Crisis

Syrian Crisis began in 2011, after 15 school children were arrested and tortured for painting anti-government graffiti on the walls. People started protesting for their release, these protesters wanted democracy and greater freedom. But the Government reacted brutally, killing four… Continue Reading →

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Two Million Passwords Stolen

A computer security researcher has stumbled upon another huge file of stolen user names and passwords that was posted on the ‘net for other hackers to enjoy. Daniel Chechik, and his fellow researchers at Trustwave Spider Labs,created a cache of… Continue Reading →

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