Nimisha Sanjay

A 20 year old aspiring engineer with a flair for writing. I enjoy writing to put across my perspectives on ideas and issues that I come across. I write to share with the world my sincere and honest opinions.

New Year’s Greetings!

Greetings readers! The team of kMITRA wishes you all a Happy New Year! Its been a while since we last met. December has been one eventful month! The beginning of the month had students giving their examinations and completely feeling… Continue Reading →

We Need the ‘REAL’ in Reality

Indian Television is legendary. I have completed twelve years of schooling, two years of intermediate and almost three years of engineering. Things have changed drastically; technology can now be controlled by voice, we have bots to order food for us,… Continue Reading →

Men’s Rights Movement

We live in a world where every human being demands the right to equality. The banners of Feminism and Women Empowerment fight injustice, subordination of the female gender and take into account every single gender-related issue that needs attention and… Continue Reading →

Summer Getaway!

Mumbai is a city that has hypnotized every soul that has had a taste of it. -Anonymous About three years ago, I remember browsing through a social media site when I came across a picture uploaded by one of the… Continue Reading →

This Year At KMIT (A Recap)

Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology (KMIT) is a college which provides an excellent standard of education to its students. With an ambitious faculty and super talented students, there is always something new at KMIT. Being an ‘Institute of Technology’, KMIT… Continue Reading →

Hate Female Actors Receive on Social Media

Social media is the widest means of interaction today. The best part about it is that anyone can put up their views on this wide platform and receive an enormous response of appreciation and support. The bad part, unfortunately, is… Continue Reading →


Last summer, my elder sister was offered an internship by a company which had an office outside Hyderabad. As it was my summer break, I thought I could meet her for a week there. I was totally new to the… Continue Reading →

Why we need to “disconnect”

Most of us would agree with the fact that social media is indeed a fun time killer and sort of a pastime for a lot of us. The beeline has been extending like never before. Sharing pictures and experiences is… Continue Reading →

Who’s To Blame?

The recent drug raid in Hyderabad, apart from a number of adults and celebs, saw a great number of teenagers getting involved with drugs. Aged between sixteen to nineteen, these youngsters have been facing some serious trouble. Now, there are… Continue Reading →

If Tomorrow Comes – review

“If Tomorrow Comes” is a nerve-wracking piece of fiction which simply does not let you put down your novel. The author Sidney Sheldon builds has written the book in such way that every page is thrilling. Every incident leaves you… Continue Reading →

London Bridge is falling down.

    “It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.”, said British conservative, Enoch Powell. On 19th June 2017, several people outside a mosque at Finsbury park in London were victimised to an… Continue Reading →

Creating a Peaceful Environment

Creating a peaceful mind is the backbone of a peaceful environment. The idea of tolerance for what is right and intolerance towards wrong is the key to maintain peace.When there is an imbalance in reasoning and thinking, there is an… Continue Reading →

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