Nikhilesh Garnepudy

The Greatest Investment

I had recently received a call from StuMagz, an online magazine which provides a platform to talented students across India. They had asked me to deliver a speech to a few students, in a talk something similar to Ted. This… Continue Reading →

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Emerging Out

Right from childhood, we learn prejudicial attitudes, by observing stereotypical roles that this society assumes. The word “stereotype” is defined by Merriam and Webster’s online dictionary as, “to believe unfairly that all people or things with a characteristic are the… Continue Reading →

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Singapore Summit’18 – The Trump-Kim Parallel

North Korea has always had a significant quantity of weapons. After 2003, it has no longer been a party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). In 1963 North Korea had asked for help in the development… Continue Reading →

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A Guide For Perfect Songwriting

Songwriting is a very difficult art. Given a set of lyrics, most of us could make a tune out of it and call it a song. Some people take years to make an album like the maestro AR Rahman did… Continue Reading →

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Autotuning Talent

We’ve all seen Mr. Khan singing perfectly in tune and many of us are fans of the recent single of his. We’ve heard a lot of critics tell us that it’s autotuned. Ever wondered what exactly this is? Autotune is… Continue Reading →

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The Curse of Modernization

Let’s imagine a scenario where there are a couple of early men. As we know, civilizations and generations have passed and humans have become more prudent and sensible. Here’s a very bizarre logic: let’s consider a hypothetical situation where we assume… Continue Reading →

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My friend says he loves his shoes and loves travelling. Another said that he loves his mother. You love your shoes and you love your mother? Doesn’t the word love have any preponderance? The affection that we show towards our… Continue Reading →

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