Nainika Reddy

Professional over thinker; switches between the same 3 apps for hours. You can come to me for some good music.

Our Near and Dear

Books- they sometimes grant us indispensable knowledge; sometimes guide us through the obscure world. But mostly, they lie when we want them to; lies so beautiful that all our reality just fades away into the cosmic noise. No matter where… Continue Reading →

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Magic Mushrooms

Trigger Warning: The following article contains elements of anxiety and depression. Readers’ discretion is advised.   He covers his eyes with a sleep mask, lies on the bed, lights go out, and some calming music comes on. And soon, it… Continue Reading →

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Purple in ‘The Color Purple’

To most, the color purple is just like another color and holds no special significance, other than to be one’s favorite color. It is a simple color resulting in a beautiful blend of red and blue colors. But in reality,… Continue Reading →

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Living in Death’s Shadow

“Everybody knows they’re going to die, but nobody believes it. If we did, we would do things differently”. – Morrie Schwartz Consider a hypothetical situation wherein you know you’re going to die in a few days or months or years…. Continue Reading →

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Indians and traffic rules

 Note: This is a satire and is only meant to be conveyed humorously. It is to be taken lightly and is not intended to oppose, demean or insult anyone. Traffic in India can be interpreted as a “flowing river”. A… Continue Reading →

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10 Years of Music

The 2010s- The period of time when our lives were so different in their own ways. Some of us went to school in the first part of the decade and then to college in the second part. It was emotionally… Continue Reading →

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Robots these days are capable of doing things that once only humans could do. So, does that make them as lovable as us humans? Though we are still a far cry from science-fiction, we are already used to interacting with… Continue Reading →

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“He ran into the night, chased by the unknown demons until he could run no more.” Fear: an unpleasant and undeniable emotion for the human race, caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm. Why is it that we… Continue Reading →

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

While we look for real heroes throughout the world to seek inspiration from, we find one amidst our own. The hero that lives under the same roof as us, the first face we see after waking up each morning and… Continue Reading →

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