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Thalaivii – A Review

The Parliament scene that happened thirty-two years ago in March 1989 was the turning point of Tamil Nadu politics. The movie starts with this unforgettable assembly scene that turned the tables on upcoming politics in Tamil Nadu. Four-time National film… Continue Reading →

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The Menace

“It’s your first global press conference! Are you sure you can manage it all alone?” Mr. Eoin asked out of concern to his niece, the CEO of Orion. “I’m confident Uncle Eoin. Like every time I’m sure I can handle… Continue Reading →

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Evolution of Animation

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn” ~Norman Mclaren. Some things in life don’t change, like the craze we have for animation. Right from adoring our childhood shows to never… Continue Reading →

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The Real Culprit

Spoiler alert: The following article is inspired by ‘No filter: The Barks & Beans Café mystery series” written by – Heather Day Gilbert and contains major spoilers. 9:45 p.m Luckily, I reached home without anybody noticing. Coal was chilling with… Continue Reading →

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The Unbreakable Bond

[Warning] The following content may trigger anxiety. Reader discretion is advised.   The sun rose again. It was yet another day of the tiring and exhausting quarantine. Luv, still in his bed was reluctant to get up. His phone vibrated… Continue Reading →

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The Scented Summers Of Childhood

It was a hot summer day. Wedding preparations had begun; Meera and her cousins were resting after making the preparations. The sun was shining brightly, lighting up every corner of the room. Sunny and Mohit were listening to music, Sona… Continue Reading →

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