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Recruitments 2015: More companies, less Students!

The case with placements this semester is undeniably magnificent. The smartest batch of the college Finishing School(FS, 2016) have proven themselves commendable with almost 80% students placed in the first-set of recruitment itself! Seeing better results than last year and… Continue Reading →

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Airtel Hyderabad Marathon – the Volunteers’ hands.

30th of August 2015, The Marathon Day for the city had begun in excitement for around 14000 runners. The Airtel Hyderabad Marathon’s 5th edition was held and active participation was seen and welcomed. The full marathon ran 42km, there were… Continue Reading →

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Minions – A cute one time watch

‘Hey Buddies’, they say to their fellow minions, they love eating bananas, each one of them has their own talent, every minion is hard-working and loyal to his master, the most evil villain of the era. ‘Minions’ shows the evolution of… Continue Reading →

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Talents Inside-out.

The college had yet again come up with three interesting competitions for the students! Story-telling, Debate and a Product Launch competition were conducted this month. Though it was the first try to get students involved into such activities, there was… Continue Reading →

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Movie editing made easy!

In the art of movie making, while half of the work is shooting the scenes, the other half is editing them. Editing brings in life to the pieces of videos, joined to perfection. Editing a movie is definitely not an… Continue Reading →

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Dosa Addas

Food and students, they just team up so well! Who can say NO to have a Paneer dosa or Butter Dosa before coming to the college? Butter Cheese Dosa, 70mm Dosa, Paneer Dosa, Masala cheese Dosa, Malai Dosa, Butter Masala Dosa, whatever… Continue Reading →

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Winter-inspired body lotion

Home-made Lipbalm

There are so many kinds of lip balm out there, but it can be hard to find just the right one. What’s the solution? Make your own, of course! It’s surprisingly simple to whip up a batch of lip balm… Continue Reading →

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Designer Diyas

The ‘festival of lights’ spiritually signifying light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Diwali is one of the favourite festivals celebrated in the country. It is a full- 5 day package of cleaning, renovating… Continue Reading →

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Happy Ending to Objective C

This was one class I was looking forward to everyday. I used to manage to attend this class though I bunked the afternoon hours of the college.   The Objective-C Trishul program for the second year students came to an… Continue Reading →

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iPhone App developers ahead!

2nd year students associated with the Objective C Trishul programme have buckled down to program their own apps! They are all set to give their presentations to the directors of the college this month end. The top 3 projects are… Continue Reading →

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What are your goals?

Aiming or goal orientation is one very important part of every individual’s life. We never know if we land in the forest or an empty island when we don’t have a final destination. We cannot afford to stop at different… Continue Reading →

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Flying kites on the terrace all day facing tough competition from the neighboring kites.  Doing the happy dance when you cut down your neighbor’s kite.  Dude its Sankranti ! KMIT here adds on more dhamaka to the festival. Patang Utsav… Continue Reading →

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When it comes to Recruitments, KMIT goes on challenging itself making new records every year. Recruitments at KMIT have reached to a whole new level this year. It makes us proud to know that more than 100 students have been… Continue Reading →

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