Manasa Adusumilli

Overthinker.Singer.Lazy.. But hey, 10 things about myself over here is 11 things less than what you came looking for.

But when you think about it

Lost in an honest conversation with himself, he realized how much he liked to be alone, how much he liked to be himself. He didn’t realize that he had been wandering until one foot stepped in front of the other… Continue Reading →

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The Posthumous Manor

As the night grew darker, enveloping an empty street with mystery and fear, it embraced two college students, Matteo and Ace. Drunk and floundering into the dark alley, they hadn’t realised how far they had wandered until they came across… Continue Reading →

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The Outsiders

Imagine if you were to fall, fall apart at the seams, be another brick on the wall, and give up on your dreams. Blindly going along, you’d be gasping for air, battling what’s right and wrong, thinking life’s not fair…. Continue Reading →

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Red Room

TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains instances of extreme violence. Reader discretion is advised. It was a hot, blazing afternoon. I was gaming with my friends. The doorbell rang out of nowhere and I couldn’t think of anyone who would visit… Continue Reading →

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Indian who “unofficially” made it to space

While great space giants like Elon Musk and Richard Branson are sweating blood to launch rockets for greater causes, this rural kid from India has managed to secretly launch himself to space with no authorization. There’s no way you know… Continue Reading →

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