Mahathi Sharma

Writing wasn’t anywhere connected to me until my high school, but then it slowly started to become a source of outlet of expressions and experiences. While trying to mould my feelings, I slowly picked up words to decorate them and now I know, that writing isn’t just a passion but it is a companion.

Tuning In

“You are listening to All India Radio Hyderabad-B, broadcasting on 1377 kHz corresponding to 217.8 meters medium wave. This is Mahathi Sharma wishing you a very Good morning. Now the time in our studio is 4 minutes past 7 and… Continue Reading →

Scoops This Summer

With a will to beat the summer heat, huge crowds have hit the cool by rushing towards various ice-cream parlours on the roads of Hyderabad this summer. The parlours didn’t just attract people but also have satisfied all the cravings… Continue Reading →

The Perpetual Bond

“Manya, get out of my way or else I’ll have to get harsh now”. He hated people stopping him. “Listen…you…”, she started, but before she could complete the statement, he shoved her aside and left. This is something that happens every… Continue Reading →

Bruno Mars On a Roll!

Peter Gene Hernandez, ever heard this name? No? Okay, Bruno Mars, this name? Yes? So, Peter Gene Hernandez is a person who is professionally called Bruno Mars. Why is Bruno Mars an article today?  This man has been unbelievable, for… Continue Reading →

The ‘GitHub’

GitHub is a website and service that most geeks talk about, yet people don’t really understand what is, so I’ll try to explain in my words about what Github does. To start with, we need to know about what ‘Git’… Continue Reading →

The Gift Of Music

“Music is life, it’s a  haven”. I personally say this and feel that  most of  today’s teens have a similar opinion on music. Music has become an inseparable part of  our lives today. Previously, music was something people listened to… Continue Reading →

Anonymity Unveiled

Ever since she started writing, her ink got spent only for pain and people who hurt her.  Maybe that is how she found words and phrases for the agony she faced. She used to walk to the writing table every… Continue Reading →


These days the talks of a rally for the rivers has been prevalent in our country, this rally is being conducted for saving the rivers of our country. It was initiated in Tamil Nadu by Isha Yoga Centre, whose founder… Continue Reading →

Mars One Human Mission

    Settling on Mars! Doesn’t this sound awesome? Mars One is an organization that has predicted the human settlement on the red planet in a couple of decades. After years of research and work, they found out that Mars… Continue Reading →


    Just a few months ago I was a person who had to google what standup comedy is and today I sit laughing, watching it for hours. It is now a captivating work of entertainment for many of us…. Continue Reading →

Phillauri – A Review

*Spoiler Alert* Anshai Lal’s first directorial adventure, Phillauri is the story of Kanan (Suraj Sharma),  a confused NRI who  returns to India from Canada to marry his childhood friend Anu (Mehreen  Pirzada ).  The twist in the tale is  when… Continue Reading →

A lovely revenge

Exactly a week before, the pages of her diary had got wet while her hand sliding on them writing “My wounds are making me regret the sin I committed of choosing the wrong person, my pain is making me regret… Continue Reading →

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