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A review of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

  “I think that it’s extraordinarily important that we in computer science keep fun in computing. When it started out, it was an awful lot of fun. Of course, the paying customers got shafted every now and then, and after… Continue Reading →

A tribute to the Idea Man

Studies have shown that around 55.3 million people die each year. That roughly translates to approximately two people dying every second (on a side note, it is the premise for shows like Death Parade). It should not be surprising that… Continue Reading →

Masculinity in Anime

Over the years, masculinity has been associated with a diverse range of traits including assertiveness, boldness, bravery, chivalry, courage, courtesy, fearlessness, honor, independence, strength, valor, violence and virility. This association increases the likelihood of incorporating masculinity into various forms of… Continue Reading →

About Us

Kmitra is much more than writing, hence here I am, trying to make the best of my abilities and doing stuff I never thought I was capable of. Anything related to art and Roller Hockey fascinates me. I am just… Continue Reading →

Tab : Prolog

It was a cold winter morning and, as usual, Tab Trop was late to work.  The radio in his car was playing some music, to which he wasn’t listening as he was in a hurry. He could see that the… Continue Reading →


Imagine if you could learn to program, enhance your mental skills and learn Math in an interactive way. Imagine you could create art, music and games. Imagine you could explore science and electronics. Now imagine you could do all this… Continue Reading →

Vim – The Bad Parts

                                               (if you were triggered by this title, you’re gonna love this article) I love Vim. Lots of… Continue Reading →

C++ & 2018

In December, the new C++ standard, C++17 (or, if you prefer, informally, C++lz) was approved. Lots of new features such as initialization in if and switch, comma separated arguments in namespace declarations, inline variables etc were added. But wait, that… Continue Reading →

The Raspberry Pi

What is that?‘Raspberry Pi’ sounds like the name of something you’d want to eat. But I assure you, it is something better. You’ll find something like “The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United… Continue Reading →

The meaning of my name

Bharathi Ramana Joshi. That’s my name. Yes, it sounds quite feminine for a male name, but who cares? As long as it is the name of your favorite Hindu god, does it matter how it sounds? That’s it. That’s how… Continue Reading →

About Us

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