Abhay Krishna Kasavaraju

Constantly on the look out for toys to play with and chocolates to eat. If you utter football don't be scared if I appear beside you and speak excited gibberish. Occasionally write poems. Full time day dreamer.

The journey of a pen : The End

I’m trembling now in the hands of a writer, as a wave of nostalgia and memories, flows through my ink. I lay motionless in-between his fingers while he gazes out of the window, probably recollecting all the pages we journeyed… Continue Reading →

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Hope : A tale of two curtains

Many a summer, I’ve been here, The heat of April, I’ve seen. But this April was only fear. The heat of a pandemic, unforeseen.   I’m a curtain, As blue as the summer skies. Summers were merry, I’m certain. But… Continue Reading →

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The Mango Tree

Once upon a time, there was a mango tree, Which stood outside my window, high and mighty. Every day I poked my nose out of the sill, just to see, But its future and mine, I never did foresee. It… Continue Reading →

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Remembering Time

 Afternoon, 27th September 2080 The season of fall had begun. The leaves had turned orange and were bidding goodbye to the trees which held them close to their hearts, to become one with the gentle breeze. Their journey now had… Continue Reading →

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She is Creativity

There she stands, by the shore, as the ocean gently kisses her feet. The waves trickle past her toes and go back smiling as she gives them life with every stroke of her brush. The sky never realised how beautiful… Continue Reading →

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Stories From My Window

The clock strikes half-past five and I watch the seconds tick from the corner of my eyes. Time seems to go slower than before. The fault doesn’t lie in the clock but in what the world outside has to offer,… Continue Reading →

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Indian Premier League – Connecting a billion hearts

India is a country that is home to more than one billion people belonging to diverse backgrounds of culture, tradition, and ethnicity. People here walk on different paths of life brimming with activity every day. Sometimes I wonder if they… Continue Reading →

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Lookin Back at the ’10s

*Research and studies have shown us that time fly faster when we are learning something new. .As we take a step back and think, we notice that as we grow older the time around us starts moving faster than ever…. Continue Reading →

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New Dawn

The sky is different today, But strangely familiar. It had hung in there throughout the seasons, The past twelve months had passed in a little longer than a blink of an eye.   Now it has a different story to… Continue Reading →

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Thoughts of A Pen

I am a pen. I often get confused about my feelings. I wonder if I have any feelings of my own or I only feel those of the ones who hold me, putting down wandering thoughts running wild down their… Continue Reading →

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The Story of Life

Our life is a journey, a tangle of multiple paths. Every journey has its route set for itself. On its paths, we encounter people, places and feelings, that stay with us, change us and mould us into what we are,… Continue Reading →

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Let the Heart Run

I find myself at crossroads, With more roads than my eyes could ever perceive. Each road wound into multiple pathways when I walked towards them. When I turn back I can’t remember the way I wandered in, Is it the… Continue Reading →

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The Voice of Silence

Silence has always intrigued me, for it is so much more than just being the absence of sound. It has many layers to it, hidden underneath its simplicity.  Silence is a form of expression, simple in its nature but tough… Continue Reading →

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Wimbledon Final 2008: Roger Federer vs. Rafa Nadal

I believe sports are poetry in motion. They have the power to stop time and take one’s breathe away. They ride high on emotion, adrenaline and drama, with a lot to be read between the lines, eyes, tears and smiles…. Continue Reading →

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