Most of us would agree with the fact that social media is indeed a fun time killer and sort of a pastime for a lot of us. The beeline has been extending like never before. Sharing pictures and experiences is something almost everyone loves to do. A beautiful view or an appealing dish has to make it to your Snap-story. Showing off our photography skills or any amateur skills is fun and entertaining. Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, to name a few, are the primary platforms which support users to upload and explore photos or videos. While staying connected via the web is interesting and fun, too much of it isn’t. The major issues among the youth who do too much of uploading or exploring on each one of these applications are short temper, mood-swings, disturbances in one’s own mind and disruption of mental peace.

I personally loved social media. I would “chill” on my phone for quite a while and slowly found myself losing control over my temper. I would get irritated for silly reasons and thought everyone around me was wrong. Luckily, I figured out that it wasn’t them, but me who was at fault and started to distance myself from my phone. You would think I’m just talking textbook stuff, but I actually did things like going for short walks or helping my niece with her homework or something even more random. All of that was so that I don’t get back to Instagram. Once I did that, I realized how social media actually controls us. I see so many people getting worked up about something as silly as getting 400 likes on Insta or losing a snapstreak. Everybody wants an attractive or themed insta profile and wanting to be noticed but that is not always right. We get so connected with something that is virtual that we don’t realize we are putting our mental peace at stake.

Every post on social media is not always true. People will make you believe what they want you to. The posts in most cases aren’t reflections but projections of what the real story is. To an extent, it is definitely fine but once we exceed that, we just tend to believe something totally faux. Over time, getting competitive or posting something with an intention of bragging indeed becomes toxic. It becomes more of an addiction than entertainment.

Risking our mental peace or spending too much time on something that is not even completely real is not right. We should make sure we stick to the entertainment part and not get too involved with it. What’s important is we take a step back from plunging deep into the false pleasures we get from the web. That is why I think we all need to disconnect a little bit!

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