I used to go on vacations every year with my family and the more I travelled, the more passionate it made me be a globetrotter. I started to dream about travelling and the adventures it brings. All I wanted was to fly.

But to make those dreams a reality, I had to work hard so my pockets could run deep. So I wanted to work, to put it more accurately, I wanted to earn the means to travel. But I wasn’t sure about what I had to do to. Time had passed by, and I was still stuck with the same thought, I wasn’t moving forward and nothing was happening.

Then I realised I wasn’t accepting who I was, but rather thinking about the guy I wanted to be in the future. Slowly, things started to fall in place. I was a nerd, technology always tickled my brain; the more time I spent, the better I got at it. And I got an opportunity to work as a teaching assistant. I was still a freshman in college and I was teaching people who were about to graduate. I realised while helping the students, it’s always important to keep learning, than to start learning when you are on top of an iceberg.

After I stopped  working as TA, the experience improved my people skills and taught me about managing schedules efficiently. My thought process was getting clearer than ever, because my experiences put me on a better path.

Time flew and I was in my third year of engineering. Companies started to come in search of interns. I didn’t get through the first round of the first company I sat for. I was determined to not face the same situation again. And the day eventually came, where all the skills I have learnt and experiences I had were put to work. Salesforce was visiting college to recruit interns and I was nervous and excited. I knew I had done my part and that I was ready to give my best.

I was confident that if I got through the first round, I would make it. Surprisingly, I turned out on the top in the first round, and then the next round and the next round and the next too. In each stage of the process, I was able to guess the traits they were looking for. I was able to showcase my skills and incidents which shaped me. That day I learnt that, skills you learn at college are only part of it and how you characterize yourself as a person was most important. They were impressed, when I mentioned I cook good pasta, because when we talk about food it gives a personal touch and creates a bond to communicate effectively, as most people love food.

I was the only guy to be selected, it caught me by surprise! I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. All the trials I have gone through, I could see them all culminating to this moment. It was a memorable one. This opportunity would definitely fill my pockets to travel the world and have enough adventures to last me a lifetime or two.

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