“Sensibility is not a weak trait,

                                                            It’s a human trait and after all

                                Who are we to deny ourselves from being what we already are?”

                                                                                                                                                      -Pabboju Vaishnavi


 A Little boy was born on a sunny day.

Everyone was happy and everyone celebrated.

Someone who’ll eventually take responsibilities,

 Someone who’ll take care of the family; 



The Little boy while growing up

To be a Strong boy, he always heard

‘Don’t you ever cry like a little girl’;

Apparently tears are not for men,

Because women have copyrights on them;



Friends always say “You got to look good

Because attention never comes,

To the lean and the ugly ones”;

Are good looks what everyone needs?

No attention comes for doing good deeds?



Good boys never get good girls;

Good girls always want the bad ones;

Is bad good now? Is that trend new?

Or has it always been like that?

If not then,

How come the little boy never knew?



The Little boy while growing up to be a man,

He always heard his father say

“You need money to earn respect in your life”

And he always heard his mother say

“You got to have kids so take a wife”;



But the little boy always knew,

Those things that he learnt were never true;

Men are more than just muscles,

More than frigid strong hearts

More than big bank balance,

More than emotionless robots;



So he was not like them,

He grew up to be a

Perfect polite gentleman;

With good old manners,

With big kind heart,

And with all those emotions in it

Perfectly intact;

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