This time around, the team has marvelously shared the load of work despite stringent schedules.  Breaking tasks into sub tasks enabled us to meet our deadlines in a more effective way. While the senior team were busy with the book projects assigned to them, the junior team took the responsibility of covering most of the categories making this edition more holistic than ever.

The Book Project,  one might think is a report or a book review. The project’s aim was to read the book assigned to us, digest the facts and take out certain distinguishing aspects which are unique to that book and draw inspiration from them. We were asked to choose any of the following formats example: a short story, an op-ed article, or even a poem and apply what we learnt from the book in these projects.  It was, for me, a very nice experience to integrate concepts and draw parallels between stories and come up with my own synthesis while maintaining frequent references to characters from the book. This project has definitely been the biggest challenge most of our feature writers have faced since the Oscars’ edition last year.  Additionally, there is an important take on tablets and their importance which I urge our tech-frenzied audience to read. From delicious do-it-yourself articles to thoughtful book projects, this new year edition has it all!

We take a heartfelt moment to salute to  our country’s brave soldiers who have martyred defending our country in the recent terror strike in Pathankot. May their souls rest in peace and may god give their families the strength to endure in these sorrowful times.

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