We all want to go somewhere every Summer. This summer, I, went Nowhere, where no one ever wants to go. Although people might claim that they have found themselves in the middle of nowhere at some point in their lives, I can guarantee that they were somewhere. Now that I have you all confused about what you are even reading, let me show you how I found Nowhere. (Spoiler Alert: Reading this is going to be the ultimate FacePalm of your life).

I actually went nowhere, just stayed in the comforts of my room, played Fortnite all day (Fortnite Forever! Haters be hating!) and binged on web series. I mean, why would you choose to burn your skin red under the majestically hot and ruthless Sun, when you can always just switch your A/C to the turbo mode and dream about swimming in a pool of Nachos and Cheese? Why would you risk your lives in the name of adventure, when you could get the same amount of the infamous “adrenaline rush”, just from playing Flappy Birds? And, why on earth, would you still continue to read a third sentence written in the same pattern, when skipping it would make your life so much easier? And, that right there, is where the issue lies, doesn’t it? Why are we trying to make everything “interesting” as per an imaginary scale that was set up decades ago? Why do we feel the need to be somewhere away from home, to call our Summers interesting?  Going nowhere, is an adventure in itself. Exploring our insides (figuratively speaking), isn’t a task everybody can handle.

With no relatives to entertain and no friends to socialise with unwantedly, you can be the King/Queen of nowhere. Treat your time the way you like, use it to finish up a half-read book or procrastinate. Because procrastination is FUN! Spend hours in the bathtub treating your body like a Princess would, because you know you barely have time for Facebook nowadays, forget your body. Treat your stomach to some homemade Rajma Chawal, because you realize it is hard to digest the local cuisines of other somewheres. Enjoy the free days that you get, because you have no compulsion to be sightseeing or any activity that has to be placed on your to-do lists only because the internet thinks it should be. As cheesy as it sounds, go live your dreams of “Netflix and chill”! Because, though the lifespan of a Homo sapiens is about three-fourths of a century, you truly live only till going Nowhere still makes you happy.


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