Who doesn’t like a good psychological thriller? There is no pre-defined age as to who finds them entertaining. Everyone enjoys an engaging thriller book or a movie once in a while. It gives us a rush and always keeps us on our toes, anticipating what would happen next. They are nail-biting and addicting. Sometimes the aftermath of a thriller may be disturbing, but that doesn’t stop us from jumping to the next one. So, ever wondered what is it that makes these thrillers irresistible and sets it apart from the others?

Intense Emotions.

The easiest way to get to a reader is to play with their emotions. A thriller aims to pique the attention of a reader by overwhelming them with these intense emotions. A reader relives almost all the experiences of the characters, making them dive deeper into the book. So reading a thriller is almost equivalent to going on a roller coaster ride. This ride starts with a prologue, goes through a series of stops and finally ends at the epilogue. These stops are nothing but the emotions (or R’s like I would call them) we face during the journey. These infamous R’s are:

R for revenge

An emotion so raw, that it blindsides all the common sense and dominates one completely.

It finds the worst in the best situations.

It has the ability to turn good to bad and ups to downs.

An eye for an eye or A life for life is usually the motto. 

R for recognition

An unquenchable thirst, somewhere deep in the heart, yearning to be appreciated by a loved one.

A passion with no limits that exceed the bounds of humanity.

An emotion caused by extreme deprivation of care and affection.

An emotion that turns a genius into an evil genius.

R for rejection 

A pain, so unbearable that it flips the switch in the heart.

Darkness overshadows light and evilness overpowers goodness.

The mother of all negative emotions and the cause of a downward spiral.

It’s the root of all the problems and is caused by the negligence of the loved ones.


These R’s play a key role in making a book seem more graphic, and the intensity of these emotions is what sets them apart. These R’s form the basis of a thriller. All these put together, not one more and not one less, form the perfect recipe of an irresistible thriller. It grabs the attention of the readers and forces them to buck up for the ride ahead. This is the mystery behind the constant eagerness to read a new thriller.

Inspired by the book “Confessions” written by Kanae Minato. 



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