A black cat crossed a man’s path.
As he wondered what it could mean, he forgot where he was headed to.
Cursing the black cat, he goes back where he came from.

The only significance behind superstitions is that they create mind spaces for baseless opinions with no origin. In a world primarily focusing on reason and science, it’s inappropriate to hold on to them, as more often than not these superstitions drive/pervade our understanding of the contemporary world. This can prove to be fatal because when reason is lost, everything is lost.

This time around, our focus is on scrutinizing few Indian festivals which most of us celebrate without really understanding the essence behind, and also bringing out the true significance. Freedom of speech is often quoted but are we really standing up against all that which denies us this freedom? Think along with us and know more about the protests of writers and film makers which has taken a national stand.
We have a new category called “55 word Fiction”, and other creative stories told in the most compelling way. We are also celebrating Halloween by sharing our outstanding memories from this year’s celebrations in our new “Gallery” page.

Students are often presumed by many to be impulsive and lacking thought. Yet we see many of us, expressing our views on hypocrisy and passion, science and religion, in the most profound sense, proving the many wrong.  It is inspiring to see young writers joining hands with us in making this a bigger platform for all those who believe in passion, reason, and freedom of expression. kMITRA wishes all our young readers the very best for the upcoming examinations.

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