The concept of therapy has stuck around for centuries. To deal with ailments and to make humans healthy and happy, drugs have always been used. But it is only in recent times that the word ‘drug’ has managed to achieve a negative connotation. Is marijuana a drug? Yes. It is as much a drug as Paracetamol is. But the only reason why Crocin is acceptable in society and marijuana is questionable, lies in the difference between treatment and abuse. There are, and will always be things which are defined not by their properties, but by their usage. So, even if medically, marijuana has proved to be efficient in dealing with high levels of anxiety and muscle weakness, it is often used as a substance of abuse, thereby classifying it as a taboo.

However, in my opinion, anything used in the right way at the right time can have the right consequences. So, to answer the question, ‘Should marijuana be legalized?’, when it’s known to help mankind, why not? But of course, to avoid exploitation and improper usage, it should be made available only under medical guidance. Marijuana was never ‘had’. Humans made it so. And humans can change that perception. That’s why marijuana deserves a chance. Terms and conditions apply.

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