It’s exam time and everybody knows what’s coming and yet, we escape from it. Here’s what Google says!

Ahem. How does it actually feel? 

It is unquestionably the most happening thing of all time in the whole world. The harder you control the urge, the harder it is felt. The farther you push, the closer it gets. You kick it out of the front door, it creeps in through your back door. The deeper you dig, the deeper you get. The mind plays a deceptive game where the victim ends up using his/her precious time for irrelevant activities while remaining confident of finishing the actual job before deadline which never happens in true sense.

How does it begin?

It begins like always in front of a book, maybe near the index page or at the introduction of your essay. The victim will be doing a task which is very important and less tempting when suddenly something less important and more tempting takes its place. Confused? , Let’s take an example.

Example: Exam preparation (and/or) writing an article (and/or) assignment completion etc –  all tasks that have something called a deadline, are replaced by more pleasurable tasks like: watching a movie (and/or) texting friends (and/or) surfing the web (and/or) listening to music etc. Basically, all tasks which need minimum effort and lingers within the radius of the victim’s comfort zone.

Effect of Procrastination :

Whether one chooses to acknowledge it or not, results of procrastination are filled with small and temporary satisfactions which are later overshadowed by a dreadful demon called deadline. Once the victim realizes his incapability to complete his task before the deadline, one ceases to believe in its purpose or degrades oneself for his incapability. Either way, he is demoralized.

How to tackle it?

1. Be Inspired by the task at hand.
You’re doing it because you find the task unpleasant : Many procrastinators overestimate the unpleasantness of a task. So give it a try! You may find that it’s not as bad as you thought! Hold the unpleasant consequences of not doing the work at the front of your mind. This way it’s easier to get rid of few easier and silly temptations. Always remember the results of those temptations are only temporary as against the main task. DO NOT POSTPONE. DO IT NOW!

2. Watch yourself periodically until your work is done.
Keeping a close watch over your actions without letting temptations win is discipline. Ask yourself, “Is this what I REALLY want?”

3. Plan out your work & work out a plan.
But make sure the plan is realistic and doable.

4. Reward yourself 🙂
As you are prone to so many deviations, gift yourself something once you’ve completed your work. But do not gift yourself a solid 3 hour movie before an exam. Be responsible about the rewards you give yourself.

5. Keep a limit over how often you take out your phone to check for notifications or how often you get up from your desk while working. These are the moments where you get lost. Do not give away any attention unless relevant. Undivided attention is a must!

6. If avoiding entertainment is impossible, make a guaranteed plan for fun-time every day, so that the obsession dissolves in your routine and you can peacefully focus on the task.

7. Read articles on procrastination like this one and share them with your friends and have a giggle about it. Nothing helps like a giggle with friends.

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