Sometimes, in finding what makes us happy, we forget to explore new things. Lately, social media has become a shell and only a few manage to break out of it. We've stopped learning. We've stopped feeding our brains. When did you last visit a library?

When you learn something new, ecstasy flows in its own way. There is so much to learn.With the advancement in technology, we need to keep up with the speed. We're unaware of our abilities. Keep learning, my friend, and that would be the best gift you could give to yourself. The common habit found in all successful people is the habit of reading. Mark Zuckerberg reads one book every week and Bill Gates reads a minimum of 50 books every year. Knowledge is like an ocean and we're just at its bank.

Learning doesn't  come just from books. Everything around us teaches us something. We just need to put those perspective glasses on. Yesterday, when I was driving back home, I saw a kid feeding a puppy although she looked hungry. She taught me what selflessness means. Such tiny hands with such a pure heart! Learn values. It helps you develop as a person.

When you stop learning is when you stop living. Life gives us an opportunity every day. Grab the most of it. Live the most of it. Feel the most of it.

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