Great food makes fantastic memories. The Moonshine Project in Filmnagar, Jubilee Hills does just that, in opulent style.  Since it was a sunny (read blistering hot) afternoon, we decided to avoid the rooftop. The entrance door is like a bookshelf which is noteworthy. Although I wish the books were real! The prohibition themed ambience draws you in.


The menu reflects the best of Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines. Mexican chicken salad was the first dish to arrive and it will have you licking the bowl clean. The Veg nachos were too good. The tortilla chips, the salsa and the melted cheese all together made this dish flavorsome. Nachos are a nice dish to nibble as one waits for the starters to arrive.


Amongst the starters, Chilli Egg and Schezwan Egg will win your heart and were both quite delicious. The Chicken pasta was absolutely spot on. It’s probably the best pasta I’ve ever had. Veg pasta was delightful. Veg Fried Rice tastes just like it does at any other decent Chinese place and was devoured with no hassles. BBQ Chicken Pizza bowls you over. It was piquant in the true sense of the word.


Molten Mexican Chocolate Cake is heaven on a plate. Chocolate lovers will not be able to resist this one. The service was good. Although, I strongly feel they should put up a sign saying, “Patience is recommended”.

choco lava

As a fringe benefit, this place offers plenty of photo opportunities too. I’m saying this since we are addressing a generation where Instagram is so ascendant and Snapchat has become the order of the day. So to speak the Instagram parlance, you might find your next profile picture here!

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