They are witness,

Witness to the times,

Which defined our existence.

Brimming with bliss

And embracing sorrow.

Tales as old as time,

Defining time itself.


Witness to days of a carefree sky,

With the sun shining bright.

Spent building sandcastles of emotions.

Of a childhood,

Watching the sun set by the beach

With smiles for stars in the night.


Witness to days with grey skies,

And hopeless nights

When paths were caving,

And life was sinking

When we fought for dreams,

And challenged reality

When lessons were learnt,

And fears conquered


They mirror shadows,

Of people and their words

Who joked and laughed,

Made us dream and inspire,

The moments they spent,

Who loved and left.


Witness to places travelled,

And horizons crossed,

A part of us forever stolen

By those mountains and seas,

Lost in those eyes and streets

Witness to moments fading into oblivion,

But still blurring reality.

Oh! these memories;

Witness to a story,

Of a mind which lives and a heart that thinks.

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