Look at that elegant albatross,

Spanning its wings wide and bright,

Embellishing the creation’s might,

Squeaking aloud as it soars across.


Look at those lustrous fireflies,

Invariably fluttering outdoors,

To endeavour worldly chores,

Like stars in a mortal guise.


Look at those nimble bees,

Toiling endlessly, looking for honey;

Whether it’s sombre or sunny,

As if from the Elysian Fields.


Look at those roses so fragrant and red,

Unfurling their petals, unveiling their grace;

Blossoming with their own pace,

Out of ignorance that they’d soon be dead.


Look at that calf so innocent and small,

Foraging for fodder, playing its part;

Failing to sense that it’d soon depart,

Not with senility, but for a leather shawl.


If only for once, I could be God;

I’d endow these humans not just with a brain,

But also with a heart that can feel pain,

So that no other tree will ever be sawed.


If only for once, I could be God;

Cosmic annihilation would not be near,

Cuckoos’ shrieks won’t be out of fear,

But they’ll warble a blissful ballade.


If only for once, I could be God;

I wouldn’t do anything drastic,

Just free the world from plastic,

So that nature’s decrees are not outlawed.


If only for once, I could be God;

I would cleanse the air of all its smoke,

So that no other creature will ever choke,

And nature’s symmetry would not be flawed.


If only for once, I could be God;

This world would be a celestial place,

A place that every soul would embrace,

A place that will never need God.

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