Castle on the cliff – 1625,

Brick for brick replaced – 1825,

Castle true or crumbled anew?

Life – A lesson on lease,

Chinese whispers of wisdom,

Echoes in an empty room.

Love – what is it?

A transaction of souls – yours and mine,

against one another’s spine.

Dependence – what’s your price?

She’s not for sale –the cross on her sail,

Ponzi schemes everywhere.

Architecture of an attitude,

Earthly connection, minerals mine.

A statue of dignity.

Goldilocks – here’s your bed.

Buddha – here’s your middle path.

Frost – are you lost?

Don’t give up your Kavacha – Karna,

It is for your only sheild.

Don’t yield, don’t yield!

Soul – a sapling,

Of strength, of solace, of serenity,

Water with Time.

The freshwater flows swiftly,

it corrodes and carves –

The graph of grand canyon.

Time does not move,

We push it – ahead of us,

Where have the days gone by?

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