It’s February ! A month has passed already and it feels like we’re still stuck up in 2016. Probably, most of us are making the mistake of writing 2016 as the year on the paper, aren’t we? I’m sure by now, the resolutions have been broken and dragging them until the second month became impossible. However, the good news is that, only a month has passed and we have whole 11 months to achieve our goals, paint our dreams and make it an eventful and successful year. Not only in our personal life but, many of us are also expecting this year to turn out good politically. Especially after, many big incidents like demonetisation, Bengaluru NYE and Jallikattu. If you are wishing to know more about ‘Jallikatu’ read this article. The NYE incident is still bothering me, and it’s high time that we take some serious actions against such crimes, here are the thoughts of our writer about how we can achieve it. Internationally, the news is filled with Trump’s take on America and every engineer has an eye on it right now. If you are scared that, your masters dreams might be shattered, don’t get sad, read this great article which has all that you need to know, to, keep the Dollar Dreams alive. Talking about keeping ourselves aware of what’s happening, as engineers, it’s good to know about technical stuff as well, so here’s a review of the CES TECH 2017.

Okay, I know I’m sounding all serious now. Let’s talk about something interesting, to make it exciting this edition, kMITRA decided to do a ‘Book Project. Each of us read a classic novel and came up with articles inspired by them. It’s the month when LOVE is in the air, so we have brought in many fascinating ‘love stories’ which will leave an lasting impression on you.

Have you ever felt the need to be loved, I bet everyone of us have at some point, read the pursuit of love, a story of one such women. Wait! there’s more don’t forget to read ‘Happily never after’ and ‘Husband to wife’. Don’t they sound interesting just by looking at their titles, explore it by yourself. Love is beautiful but, it gives pain as well, here are two engrossing stories Rage and A lovely revenge which will leave you in tears. For all the guys who wish to read something different, three other great stories ‘It Should’t Happen To a Vet’, ‘An evening to remember‘ and ‘Survival of the fittest- Is Survival Selfish?‘ which you shouldn’t miss. How can one get away without poetry? Here’s a lovely Haiku you should definitely recite.

Loved these articles? then, share it with your friends. Oh! I’m still stuck up in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when I hear ‘friends‘, as are you? then, take a look at the review of the new restaurant ‘Central Perk’ which has finally opened in Hyderabad. Also, don’t forget to spend some quality time with your friends at the most awaited ‘KMIT evening’ on 11th February and gather many sweet memories.

Okay guys, now I’m signing off, if you would like to give feedback or contribute shoot out a mail to




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