I was astray and in darkness, wandering around

When you unshackled the beam of light within me

You were a prism that deflected me into a new realm

Brought out a spectrum of colors I was ignorant of


I perched on a swing, stretching for the ground

Striving to propel through the air

You held me, swung me back and forth

Couldn’t reach the ground, now I aim for the sky


I never looked back while I swung

But you always stayed behind

You were the wings I banked upon

Every time I slackened


You are the spark that set my heart on fire

The roots nurturing my shoot

Your warmth shall stay within

Till autumn withers the last leaf


You are the waning moon relinquishing

Your light to illuminate my world

The more your radiance dwindles

The more sublime your crescent smile gets


You thrust me into the sky like I were your kite

Held me in your grip while I thought I was free

You pulled me out of perilous winds

Although it made your fingers bleed


The further I go, the farther you may seem

The further I go, the smaller you may seem

But the further I go, the tighter is this string

That holds you and me together.



                       -For all my teachers and my mentor Abhay Kasavaraju.

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