Dear readers,

The month of August comes to an end, along with which arrives another issue which brings with it a variety of fresh new takes on happening events so far and much more.

Although before I divulge into the synopsis of the various work done by us, we have observed the new addition to the Kmit family. To whom we’ve reached out to, we on Kmitra welcome you. To any and all juniors reading this, there is much to be experienced in the coming four years of your lives and you will always have your seniors to look up to for any aid, if and when you may find yourselves at a crossroads. And now without further ado, let’s dig into the new edition and see what it has to offer….

First and foremost, on a serious note, the major concern over the blue whale game expressed by veteran writer Lasya and Shikha. Along with ‘Who’s to blame’ by Nimisha which ponders on the reasoning behind the recent limelight on the use of narcotics by the youth. And, over to the folks at NEXUS, a remarkable achievement in conducting talks similar to those of TED, showcased in ‘VICHAR’, by Anmol.

We have Mahathi making us aware(for those living in a box) of the issue of our rivers running dry and a scheme initiated to prevent that, to which we all may be a part of. So don’t miss out ‘Lifelines to be saved for lives’. Which is well complimented, with a handful of philosophy by Meeta on ‘Time’.

A dose of poetry expressed by Ritika on ‘Anxiety’. And those intrigued by art may check out a well known street artist ‘Banksy’ written by Ashketh. To the ones who find ways to tickle the funny bone, you’ll be glad to hear of the new comedy club brought to the limelight by Aditya in ‘Hyderabadass comedy club’.

A ‘DIY: The elder wand’ to all the Potter fans out there, by Azam. Two fashion scripts on the new trends this fall and another on Tassels (Accessories) by Harshita and Mahitha respectively.

To all the GOT fans out there, we have Shreyas expressing his opinion on the latest season in ‘Winter has come! Along with a review on the book ‘A KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS’ by Mohak. Speaking of reviews, we also have that of ‘Arjun Reddy’ by Hasmitha and Akhil expressing on ‘Marvel’s – The defenders’. A thought provoking game ‘Hellblade and it’s depiction of psychosis’ by Vivek. And last but not least, for our mainly tech audience an overview on ‘Google Areo’ by Shashank.

With this blizzard of topics encompassing an otherwise monsoon season, I hope the readers stay entertained.


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