The word night sounds so dark,

seems like the world is wrapped in a piece of cloth.

But stars shimmering ever so brightly,

sprinkled around the sky illuminating lightly.

The wind humming a silent tune,

forming a perfect glaze over the moon.

Enchanting and transfixing the humans with its perfect view,

gaining curious questions some old and some new.

The birds start chirping and soaring to great height,

taking one last flight in this memorable night.

Enthralled by this entire view is a little girl,

gazing through the window at the pretty pearl.

Always in hope of catching a shooting star,

Finding herself amidst the hues of blue.

Staring at the sky intensely she questions herself,

"Is it the domain of angels and fairies or is it some other world with people just like themselves?"

"Is the tooth fairy looking upon us or is the Santa still roaming around with gifts?"

She ponders inquisitively taking a sniff.

Out of nowhere comes a flash of light blinding her for split second,

She finds herself waving at another girl hidden from the sky which is now reddened.

She gives out a toothless smile hoping the other one would smile,

they talk for hours and hours giggling once in a while.

With her work accomplished she goes to bed satisfied and happy,

but not forgetting to put her tooth under the bed like a good old chappie.

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