Food and students, they just team up so well! Who can say NO to have a Paneer dosa or Butter Dosa before coming to the college? Butter Cheese Dosa, 70mm Dosa, Paneer Dosa, Masala cheese Dosa, Malai Dosa, Butter Masala Dosa, whatever we want, with a guaranteed yummy taste.


Well, it’s not just Pragathi Dosa or Ram ki bandi anymore, there are few ‘Dosa Addas’ around Narayanguda and Himayatnagar selling really tasty, mouthwatering Dosas!

Here are two  ‘Dosa Addas’ nearby  our college, selling the city’s favorite Indian tiffin.

1. Mahalakshmi tiffin centre

Just inside the lane adjacent to KFC, Himayatnagar is this tiffin centre selling different Indian tiffins, including a variety of Dosas. The surroundings around are neat and clean, the atmosphere is also healthy, making it a great choice to go to, whenever your in a mood for Dosa. The price of the Dosas here is little higher than other addas but it’s definitely worth the cost. Green cheese Dosa is famous here. For the tasty tiffins that they make, there is always moving crowd here. For those people in love with Dosas but have neatness-issues, Mahalakshmi tiffin centre is the best  choice.


2. Rahul Tiffins and Fast food centre.

Near Vijaya Diagnostic Centre, Himayatnagar, Rahul tiffins sells the tastiest tiffins in the area. Though the surroundings are not too clean, the food is fresh and fine. The best Dosa available here is the Butter Dosa. Apart from dosas, the idlis  are also famous here. This place is also busy with people coming for tiffins in the morning. Rahul tiffins also has a branch in Narayanguda but it is not at par with the first one. Rahul tiffins’ Dosa can always be given a try.


All in all, these two places can always be looked up to when we’re running late to college and have to grab a quick, yum bite!

More food points to be coming up. Watch this space for more!

P.S: Don’t forget to tip the waiters!

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