Do grades really matter in our life? And what really is education?

We often hear, elders saying we need to get really good grades to sustain a better future. But is that all you need? I would disagree. Education is more than just grades, engaging in extra-curricular activities and sports; discipline, time management, communication. Only an overall development can help one over take and thrive in pressurized and uncertain conditions.

Yes, grades do matter to us but to what extent is my big question to you?
As far as I am aware, grades propel you to land your first job which may or may not be an exciting one. But once you are in, people don’t care about the grades, what they really care about is what knowledge you have, if you are able to learn, adapt and lead. Leadership skill don’t just come to you by sitting in class rooms.
Most of the Indian students today are under the impression that getting good score only could earn their living but that does not really end there. There are many things that he/she needs to be able to handle in life, no matter who has influenced him/her to create these theories but this has led to hapless decisions by youth today, committing suicides has become very easy decision in today’s youth, they forget their parents who have worked very hard to bring them up. This is what today’s youth is lacking how to handle situations and face failures. In few cases parents and teachers have also been the reason to master the theory of grades in the minds of students or sometimes a student might have misapprehended the teacher.
Stress from various sources is a bane to our country’s youth. It often kills students’ creative ideas and the ability to think out of the box. In the olden days imagination was one which every student had and people were used to it because they rarely found television to watch and Students were always indulged in imagining the fiction taught by teachers. Today’s youth lacks this imagination.
To balance and ameliorate all these we need to engross our limited time in any activity that we are interested in rather than spending time on our regular subjects. These activities can be anything like sports – I say this is the best activity because it could make us fit and also help our concentration levels as we are more concentrated on game than on books. Listening to music, yoga, cooking, watching movies etc.
Revolutionary changes that I feel are needed in education:
Government is people’s representative, the decisions made by government reflect all INDIAN citizens. Reservation has been annoying students of our country for years. Truly speaking students who work hard are missing their opportunities to get into what they desire and lower caste citizens could easily get in without much effort. This is causing upper caste students despair. Most of the intelligent students are leaving their ambitions because it’s very difficult , this is also developing inequality in nation.
Yes, I understand government is trying to remove illiteracy in our country among poor people who cannot afford by giving them opportunities. But government should understand that our country is missing the most intelligent students who are suitable for that particular profession that he/she aspire to be in future.
Government may satisfy all of them by providing additional benefits to the poor caste by providing meals, free education, money for daily expenses and other additional benefits, cutting of reservation quota.
Environment plays a major role to make our mental ability work more efficiently, so another major change that is required for growth and the performance of youth today is that there is great need from the government to pass a bill that prohibits running of junior intermediate colleges and make 11th and 12th standards remain merged up with schooling because these colleges are not up to the mark to provide effective environment. We can see that students are tied up in one particular building and are unable to breath in fresh air and even sometimes these institutions are not able satisfy their basic needs, so this make the student disgusted of the learning environment.
After all students should also understand that If everyone are engineers or doctors who will occupy the other line of works and lead our country.

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