The ‘festival of lights’ spiritually signifying light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Diwali is one of the favourite festivals celebrated in the country.

It is a full- 5 day package of cleaning, renovating and decorating homes, dressing up in new clothes, cooking the best sweets for the puja, and ofcourse, lighting the diyas!

Ladies spend time together lighting up diyas all over the inside and outside of their homes in the nights of the festival-week. There are a variety of diyas available in the market.

Now that the season is back here, why not make the lighting-the-diya tradition more interesting? You can design your own diyas by decorating simple diyas, making them more colourful and attractive. Here is a Do-It-Yourself tutorial with simple steps to decorate your diyas at home.

Stuff needed: Diyas, Paint, Glitter, Fevicol, Kundan.

1. To start with, take your diyas, some bright paint colors, preferably orange, yellow, green, a paint brush, a few small kundans, all set to get the new- designer look 😉

122. Decide different colors that you can put on different parts of your diyas, as per me, I have preferred yellow inside the diyas as it is an elegant color, and silver on the borders of my diyas.33. Next, you can add a few kundans or just paint any other parts of your diya with other bright colors like red, purple or green. If kundans used, fabric glue is preferable as it sticks easily and stays strong even after oil is poured on the diya


4.Different types of decorative kundans can be used to make your diya
look more colourful.

4                5.Now leave them to dry for about 2-3 hours and your self-designed
diyas are all ready to be lighted this Diwali!


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