Creating a peaceful mind is the backbone of a peaceful environment. The idea of tolerance for what is right and intolerance towards wrong is the key to maintain peace.When there is an imbalance in reasoning and thinking, there is an imbalance in harmony. This sets off the chain reaction which ultimately results in another saddening headline in the newspapers.And that’s exactly what made me pen down this article. The recent incident of the girls who were molested in Bangalore on NYE was extremely shameful and certainly  one to think about.

We can only arrive at the solution to a problem if we go right at the source of it. In my opinion, the reason for women not being able to walk around safely in our country is due to the narrow thinking of the people who are responsible for this. Their selfish and reckless behavior is the reason behind such hideous acts. A revolution has to begin in order to wipe out this petty-mindedness. This revolution can be triggered simply by education and putting in some effort to deal with this problem.
We can do this by conducting workshops or spreading awareness. It is important to educate people why is it absolutely wrong to invade into other’s privacy against their will. The efforts should be persistent until we’re able to eradicate all the inappropriate thoughts and ideas from people’s mind, so they never decide to take any wrong step. Whether it is the fear or their changed attitude which prevents the crimes, we need to make sure that it stops them from doing wrong. As Milton rightly quoted,

‘The mind is its own place, and itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven’.

The atmosphere can be free and peaceful if there is freedom and peace in the world. Thus, a secure environment is a reflection of cleanliness in thoughts of the people living in it. It’s in our hands ensure safety and happiness.

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