Comedy is actually a serious business, with only one goal and that is to make everyone laugh! We live in a depressed society where everyone is suing each other for money, the school going children are burdened with homeworks and assignments, the college students are busy looking for jobs. After all these tensions, if there is something that can make anyone feel relaxed! Then it is comedy!

Comedy, is not as easy as it seems. Many of us would think that a standup comedian is on stage for 10-15 minutes, and all he /she needs to do is crack a few jokes and it’s done! In fact, the standup comedian or the performer, needs to have wit, needs to joke according to the audience’s pulse present, keeping in mind a few constraints like no below-the-belt jokes, or no  offensive jokes about women or children, and any controversial topics like religion, skin-tone etc are off limits.

A single standup act contains the hard work of maybe months or even a year, for a brilliant script. A comedian, when on stage, is expected to make the audience laugh every 10-20 seconds. These kinds of expectations (of pleasing the audience) are not present in any other art form.

One of the biggest disadvantages of the current society we live in is that, a comedian is not respected as much as any other artiste is and anyone who pursues, or thinks of pursuing a career in comedy, is never encouraged. No other art, besides stand-up comedy, requires the artiste to both create and perform their own act.

Humor is the most effective and important ingredient, to spice up the dish of life! Laughter brings many benefits including good physical health and ability to keep positive emotions even during the hardest times of our lives! Thus, it would not be wrong to admit “Laughter is the best medicine”!

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