“If there was a way to travel the world sitting at one place alone, it is through food.”   (and of course, books)

With two gigantic Terracotta warriors welcoming you at the entrance, China Bistro does all it can to grab your attention right from the moment you enter the restaurant. There has been a lot of positive buzz about this place which opened up a couple of months ago. So, to see what the hype was all about, I headed out with my friends on a hot Saturday afternoon. Parking here can be a hassle sometimes due to lack of space. We had to wait for a good 5 mins as the place was predictably full. As we made ourselves feel comfortable at a table, what caught my eye was the colorful bottles they use to serve water (like at Eat India Company). We opted for Buffet as we were too tired to pick dishes a la carte, which, in hindsight, was a good idea because the food was served quicker.

image (2)image (7)

The virgin mojito was quite refreshing. It was just what we needed after an extenuating ride to the place. I had the vegetarian course while my friends gorged on the non-vegetarian. Judging by the way they stuffed their mouths, I must say the Chicken basil dumplings were finger-licking delicious, Prawns and Fish were tender and excellently spiced and the chicken wings were not so great. Talking about the veg spread, the dimsums were under-cooked (tasted like grass). Potato wedges were scrumptious while Sautéed vegetables with Cottage Cheese was toothsome, I couldn’t have enough of both of them. To my surprise, the soup was quite bland. However, the Chicken soup was great.

image (3)                                                                                                                            image (4)

Before moving over to the main course, I took a moment to notice the ambiance which was very impressive. The Mao Dynasty influenced theme, the dim lighting and the wall décor attempt to transport you to another world but the stewards bring you back. Speaking of which, the staff was very courteous and served darn well. I had the Noodles with Devil Sauce which was wow while my friends dug into lip-smacking crabs. Mixed vegetables with Thai curry was palatable. The Thai fried capsicum rice was appetizing. Moving on to Desserts, as a person with a sweet tooth the size of an elephant tusk, I loved the assorted pastries, they were heavenly! Marshmallows dipped in chocolate, chopped fruits and darsaan were delightful. The brownie was hard as rock, much to my disappointment.

image (6)                                                                                                                image (5)

All this at a generous price of Rs.625 (for veg) and Rs.675(for non-veg) so you can’t complain. The bill arrives in a neatly crafted bamboo container which is remarkable. It includes a bowl of sweetened ginger slices which possess anti-inflammatory properties.

image (8)                                                                                                                     image (9)

Would I recommend this place? Of Course, duh! China Bistro is your go-to destination if you’re hankering for authentic Chinese food. Furthermore, it serves dishes from other countries such as Korea, Thailand, Japan and Malaysia. It will not let you down at all.

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