We all are aware of CES, The Consumer Electronics Show, which was held this year at Las Vegas from January 6-9. All the great,big companies from all over the world were enthusiastic to present new and yet better innovations of tech products which make them not only cool but comfortable.

While everything presented there was eye catching and cool, here are some of the coolest stuff that have been trending and talked about all over the world.


Judging by CES’ Unmanned Marketplace that was full of drones of all shapes, sizes and capabilities, this category is only getting bigger and better for consumers who want to take to the skies.

The leader in the category, DJI, announced a black version of its Inspire 1 Pro drone and the Phantom 3 4K, which is the same as the older Phantom 3 Professional, but with a shorter video transmission range and at a lower resolution. Parrot announced the Disco, a fixed-wing drone project for consumers that may be out sometime this year with no pricing. Another big name, 3D Robotics, announced an update to its Solo drone that will allow it to do a couple new computer-assisted camera moves called Smart Shots.


Be it laptops or  televisions, they were all OLED this year. OLED stands for Organic LED. The OLED display is based an organic substance used as the semiconductor material in light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

The days when you just got a couple of new OLED TV series per year are well and truly over – and LG’s new-found ability to expand and experiment with its OLED offering looks set to take us to some exciting places.

If you want to see just how mature – and seemingly secure – LG’s OLED business has now become, check out the brand’s new ‘Signature’ G6 TV range.

3. VR/AR

2016 is being touted as “The Year of Virtual Reality,” but many – mostly those who have yet to try it out – still doubt whether products like the $600 Oculus Rift have the mainstream appeal to truly take off.

But judging from the towering Oculus booth at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Oculus Rift is more popular than ever, and its floor space at the biggest tech conference of the year reflects that.


Amazon Echo’s Alexa plays a starring role (and she’s not even there!!)

By creating an intelligent cloud platform with voice services, Amazon continues to see third-party products integrate Alexa as the invisible interface of the future.
Ask an Amazon Echo, “Alexa, where are you?” And you’re sure to get any number of witty responses. One of them won’t be, “I’m at the Consumer Electronics Show,” however. You’d be hard pressed to know that.
It’s simple really, and if you’ve been following Alexa over the past year, you’d know why. Amazon has created perhaps one of the best voice-activated cloud platforms for the smart home yet. Yes, Amazon Echo is a product, but Alexa is really the platform that matters most.
It doesn’t hurt that Alexa is quite good at hearing and responding to requests, either. There’s no need for a company to spend tons of R&D to develop its own speech-recognition system that taps into the cloud when Amazon provides a more than serviceable option.

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