Who would have thought that Walt Disney’s fear of mice and his amicable portrayal of the tiny rodent would eventually lead to a multi-million dollar company, which now has the power to influence many generations!

Every movie has a message and a moral; there also are movies that have set ideals for every relation in a child’s life,from father-son, siblings to many others. Big Hero Six is another such movie about two orphaned brothers raised by their aunt, who are interested in robotics and live in San-Fransokyo – which quite obviously combines San Francisco and Tokyo – because Japan is on the cutting edge of robotics.

The entire story revolves around how the younger brother (Hiro) tries to avenge his elder brother, Tadashi’s death which seems like an accident. More evidence comes to light which makes him think otherwise. We also have the adorable, cuddly, nurse bot Baymax that diagnoses a health problem and comes up with a medical solution.

Medical technology is quite under developed in many aspects,the humble syringe for one, is more than 150 years old (1844). While medical robots are inevitable in the future to bridge gap between increasing population and lack of medical resources, Baymax seems to be an interesting and user friendly healthcare alternative. Hiro tries to convert this huggable, friendly and adorable robot into a killing machine and along the way makes some very intelligent and unusual bunch of friends who each have their own inventions. Each invention is incorporated into their suits so that they can fight the villain who is operating on stolen technology that Hiro had made( microbots ).

Although I am a huge fan of all-things-robotics and/or animated I must admit that this is more of an original story. If you must watch only one movie this week, give it a miss and opt for Interstellar  which is getting an amazing response at the box office.

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