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It was summer’s first rain. 50 year old  Raj looked outside the window. He stood remembering his previous year’s sweet memories  with  his  daughter Diya.

Suddenly, his mobile buzzed. – ‘Princess calling’, it flashed.

He smiled and answered the call. Before he could say anything, Diya said, “Dad! Make a wish.”

He looked at the watch confused, and asked, “Now? I mean, why?”

“It’s 11:11 PM now. So, make a wish quickly.” she demanded.

Raj did not expect that from Diya.

“Huh? Do you really believe in all this honey?” he asked surprised.

“Well, Not really, but  I believe in every wish when it’s about you dad”, Diya  quickly replied and cut the call.

“But, listen, hello!” Raj tried to reply , but he realized that the call  had got cut.

However, those words made Raj smile, and he  made a quick wish.  

Raj called up Diya many times in the next 10 minutes, but she didn’t answer any of  his calls.

Finally, after  a few minutes, the three hands of the clock met  and showed the time, 12 A.M.

Raj’s mobile started vibrating. He thought it would be his princess, but it wasn’t. He cut the call. He received a message on Whatsapp from his son-in-law which read:

“Happy Birthday Dad! I know that you were very hesitant to let your daughter marry me, but you raised a wonderful woman. I’ll do my best. Enjoy your special day.”

Raj lost all his patience. He immediately called Yash and fired, “You know, I hate you. You stole my daughter. It is my birthday today. I understood when Diya said she wouldn’t be able to make it home and meet me personally. But, at least, I had hoped that she’d be the first to call me up and I even wished that ..aargh! Just forget it.”

Raj was so angry that he didn’t even listen to Yash speaking and cut the call.

The very next moment, the doorbell rang. Raj opened the door. To his surprise, his beautiful Diya was standing right in front of him with a huge lit cake. After the marriage, it was the first time  she was visiting her home where she had been born and brought up.

“Happy birthday Dad”, Diya wished  and hugged him.

“Honey, what are you doing here?”

Diya’s throat muscles ached from trying to talk  and not cry. She half sobbed, “Daddy, I’m here to see you. I love you, you know.”

“Me too, honey,” he whispered.

That night was Raj’s best ever birthday party and  the rain witnessed a beautiful 11:11’s wish that came true- a wish of a lonely father to meet his princess.

Later that night, after Diya left, Yash received a text message from Raj saying, “Aren’t you jealous that I stole your soulmate last night?”

Yash smiled reading those words from his father-in-law and answered, “No, not at all dad. I was busy playing with your grand daughter.”

Diya observed smile on Yash’s face. So, she quickly asked, “What happened? Why’re you smiling?”

“Just reading a text from your dad,” Yash answered.

“What does it say?” Diya inquired.

Yash smiled further and answered, “He loves you.”

Divya’s lips curved upwards at those words.

20 years later, at 11:11pm:

“Make a wish”, someone from the crowd shouted.

Diya acknowledged positively and closed her eyes for a moment.

But before she could, she got a call from doctor  saying:

Diya, your dad’s last ECG pulse has dropped. We are very sorry.

And thus her wish to save her father from heart failure remained unfulfilled.


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