Mo's Bows is one of the reputed clothing companies which offers
colorful, handmade ties and men's accessories that are sold in
various retail stores, including the partnership with Bloomingdale
and Neiman Marcus.
The interesting part about this company isn't that it sells ties for all
ages. The interesting part is its CEO, Moziah Bridges, who started
this company at the mere age of 9.
At the age of 9, kids go to school, do their homework and play outside.
So what made Moziah Bridges turn into a successful entrepreneur at the age of
It's not rocket science to understand how anyone can be a successful businessman or businesswoman. It takes little bit of luck and a lot of determination with natural entrepreneurship skills for anyone to start their own business and achieve the heights of success. Anyone can be a successful entrepreneur with those 3 attributes.

 Moziah Bridges is one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs
in the world. Many teens and kids aside from attending colleges and
schools are starting up their own firm and pursuing their dreams.
To be an entrepreneur we should understand all the aspects of owning
a business. Understand all pros and cons of taking risks and running a
business. So let's take a quick peek into the world of risk-takers and profit-
For one, lets us try to understand who exactly is an entrepreneur.
An entrepreneur is someone who finds and runs a small business
assuming all risks and rewards. An entrepreneur is commonly seen as
an innovator who comes up with an idea, sells his idea to investors
and starts his own business.
But not every business can run successfully without any obstacles,
hindering its path to making profits.
There are some reasons behind start-up failures.

 Making something the market doesn't need.
 A poor business model.
 Running out of funds
Anyone of these 3 mistakes can cost an entrepreneur his entire
But by keeping some simple and basic facts in mind anyone can
dodge the risk of losing their business.
 Make something that is needed in the market, something that
you would want to use personally.
 Make sure to find new ways to keep the costs and expenses low.
If all the cash flow is spent extensively at the very beginning
then there are high chances to go bankrupt.
 Try to come up with innovative ideas to improve the product or
service and to advertise it so that you can attract more
 Always keep tabs on what exactly is going on in the rival
companies and learn about latest technology. The quote ‘learn
more to earn more' helps a lot in the business world.
 After going through the first successful sale, try new ways to
increase the profits.

Many people from all over the world are stepping up with their ideas
and are ready to embark on their journey into the business world. These people
often need a stage to showcase their ideas and discuss their options
and opinions and for that noble purpose, a GES (Global
Entrepreneurship Summit) brings in global participants to showcase
their projects, exchange ideas and get new opportunities for

And to bring this kind of encouragement in India, the eighth annual
GES was held in Hyderabad from the 28th till the 30th of November 2017, where the
Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi and the daughter and advisor of The President of USA, Ms. Ivanka Trump were present to inaugurate the summit and to
encourage the enthusiastic entrepreneurs from all over the world.

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