As I take a stroll in the graveyard observing my funeral, I find a few crying and the other meticulously bored by the doings. Yet it feels so light, death actually took away the pain of my congenital disease. But you all, the living, are still carrying it around.

Quote me as a person who can speak freely and say the things that need saying.

“All of us hardly realize what it is to be alive and everything we are capable of doing while we are alive.

There would only be two reasons behind everything we do. It’s either duty or love. To live in the present is to utterly realize your love for this moment and its experience. The good will be gone, and the bad will be gone too. While you cherish the good moments before they are gone, face the bad ones comprehending that they’ll be gone too. No yearning for the good and no lingering on the bad. Find your calling and be what you were meant to be with no worries from the past.

Everyone deserves to heal from a damaged childhood, weak adulthood, or just squidged episodes of guilt in life. Sometimes we find solace in other’s lives that we pause to repair our broken pieces through them. But, it starts from within. Life is all about second chances that you should grab for yourself.

We are so obsessed with gloomy pasts and fears of a daunting future that we deny ourselves a beautiful life because we are too frightened to look it in the eye. We refuse attachments. But people need people. We need someone most of the time to break our shells, to make us put ourselves forward, and make us speak up. There will be some people who can make you feel whole, cling on to them while you can.

“What you seek is seeking you.” The things you desire are pursuing you in the same way you are pursuing them. The universe is working in full force to deliver it to you. It explains the law of attraction in a worthwhile way and makes sure you reap what you sow. So all you have to do is to pursue good thoughts for yourself and drop your boundaries to let them in. Figure out what you are all about.

Live each moment consciously that you draw out lessons for a lifetime from them. We are here for a short time, but in between all the whining and wailing, we leave ourselves little time to live it up. Live in the present, and the rest will follow. Take time out for the little things that make you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine.

We all need someone to walk with us, be it a friend, a lover, a sibling, or a dog. That someone can be a helping hand preventing us from drowning into melancholy, but only you can be your knight in golden armor.

Celebrate freedom from the worries that hold you back from living the life you’ve always wanted to live and go wherever destiny takes you. Look for what’s inside you. Breathe in beautiful moments and fill the emptiness inside you. Spend time with your loved ones and throw away the feeling of loneliness. Make every move for the present without being pressurized, for that is the true purpose of your existence.”


This article is inspired by the movie “Koode”.

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