Exactly a week before, the pages of her diary had got wet while her hand sliding on them writing “My wounds are making me regret the sin I committed of choosing the wrong person, my pain is making me regret my eternal love for him. Did I ask him for something unaffordable? Some care and love is all a human needs to smile, but why do I only get burns and agony in return? Why does that person hate me so much that he peels my skin off and makes my blood flow? Was all his love an illusion?
As I keep recollecting , the desperation he showed for making me his wife and the evilness hidden in his face which I see when he hurts me , my thoughts are only questions which I don’t think will be answered ever… “
She closed the diary and fell asleep with tearful eyes .
In a while he opened his diary to note “ I hate that woman to the core of my heart , I hurt her because I feel it’s the only way I can take out all my frustration, I give her pain because she stops me from my pleasures of drinking and sleeping with other women . She says I spend too many of bucks and don’t save, but why should I not, when I earn it all by myself and I will never bother to give that woman an answer for any of my acts? “ He closed the diary with a furious expression and with the stink of alcohol in his mouth.
Both of them had a similarity, which is, to strive. She strove for love and he, to hurt.
They went on with it for days and she held her love in limits, dared to show him the pain and pierced him with a broken piece of a glass to make him realise. As his tears shed before the blood, she realised that her heart wasn’t firm enough to see either of them. So all she could do was to pierce her skin with a bigger piece of glass.

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