Saba Ismail

  Falling into depths of darkness With nothing to hold upon Silent voices echoing within me I cry for help, all the way along.   Helplessly, I now lie down Pleading my soul to let me live Exasperated I have… Continue Reading →

How are you?

Saba Ismail

How are you ? Oh the things I want to say Turbulent times I had to face My mind playing tricks on me Friend or foe I could not see In bed I lay all day long Wishing for the… Continue Reading →


Meghana Palakodeti

Give me something to forget, To forget the world around me.   Pull me out of this reality, Lie to me, Delude me.   Give me something to make me feel good, Be it happiness or a twisted sense of… Continue Reading →

Depression. “Oh, you have depression! I get depressed too. ”

Saba Ismail

When will these people, finally understand. That depression is much more than feeling a little blue. It is that wound which never heals. It is the numbness, which overtakes and never leaves. Feeling everything at once and nothing at all…. Continue Reading →

The Problem

Manjary Osl

Set fire to your problems, And use it as a fuel to succeed, Let the ash keep you down to earth, And the smoke take you to the highest peaks. Never fear your problems, For they may come back for… Continue Reading →


Abhay Krishna Kasavaraju

As I looked up at the heavens, A wave of delight swept over my body Transfixing my heart, Enchanting my gaze…   A muse never so beautiful, An embodiment of Mother Nature.   The orange sky embracing a spectrum of… Continue Reading →

Do you have an answer?

Meeta Kapoor

Is it a compulsion to love yourself? What if you have no faith in yourself? What if you love it this way, What if there was no other way? Do you have an answer?   Is it a compulsion to… Continue Reading →

A Haiku-lean Task

Dheer Kamdar

Castle on the cliff – 1625, Brick for brick replaced – 1825, Castle true or crumbled anew? Life – A lesson on lease, Chinese whispers of wisdom, Echoes in an empty room. Love – what is it? A transaction of… Continue Reading →


Dheer Kamdar

At its simplest – a wave, Otherwise, twisted and intricate. Sounds sealed in a stave, Music is rather quite great. The prodigy on the piano, The senhor on the sax. The vixen on her violin, And an acapella of canine… Continue Reading →

Poetry is Make-Believe

Ritika Saboo

Raw, jagged emotions: Poetry is make-believe. Hope-flaming; Tongue blabbing Onto the white paper Words unsullied by reality Words unsullied by reality: Poetry is make-believe. Confession-making; Breaking into soliloquy Of unrequited romances role-playing as two lovers Role-playing as two lovers: Poetry… Continue Reading →

Change Is All

Aashritha Aatipamula

 I once heard someone say, If you don’t change you don’t grow, But I waved that thought away, For who were they to think they know, I’d always stayed the same, A heart that thrived within the cold, And I… Continue Reading →

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