A review of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

  “I think that it’s extraordinarily important that we in computer science keep fun in computing. When it started out, it was an awful lot of fun. Of course, the paying customers got shafted every now and then, and after… Continue Reading →

Revival 2.0

The finality of death has often disrupted the human notion of negotiation, simply because life is non-refundable, unexchangeable and every customer is allowed only up to one purchase. This reasoning has convinced us to perceive death as a single event… Continue Reading →

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review

OnePlus is a renowned company which makes smartphones in a budget-friendly price, giving a lot of competition to the flagship phones of other companies. But recently, they have also entered into the wireless headphones market which was started by Apple… Continue Reading →

The Big Fat Cosmic Quest

Of all the secrets of the natural world explored by humans, the ultimate is the search for dark matter, a mysterious and invisible form of matter that many scientists believe actually holds the fabric of the universe together. And from… Continue Reading →


Imagine if you could learn to program, enhance your mental skills and learn Math in an interactive way. Imagine you could create art, music and games. Imagine you could explore science and electronics. Now imagine you could do all this… Continue Reading →

The ‘GitHub’

GitHub is a website and service that most geeks talk about, yet people don’t really understand what is, so I’ll try to explain in my words about what Github does. To start with, we need to know about what ‘Git’… Continue Reading →

Vim – The Bad Parts

                                               (if you were triggered by this title, you’re gonna love this article) I love Vim. Lots of… Continue Reading →

Flexible Display Technology

From decades the display of any appliances we use in our day to day life have been just a flat piece of glass or fibre. In recent times, most of the hardware based companies have been working on curved display… Continue Reading →

C++ & 2018

In December, the new C++ standard, C++17 (or, if you prefer, informally, C++lz) was approved. Lots of new features such as initialization in if and switch, comma separated arguments in namespace declarations, inline variables etc were added. But wait, that… Continue Reading →


VOYAGER 2: SAILING AMONG GIANT PLANETS Let’s gear up for reading an interesting article about theVoyager 2 spacecraft which has already traveled millions of miles in space. In late summer and early fall of 1977, twin spacecraft called Voyager 1and… Continue Reading →

The Raspberry Pi

What is that?‘Raspberry Pi’ sounds like the name of something you’d want to eat. But I assure you, it is something better. You’ll find something like “The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United… Continue Reading →

Mars One Human Mission

    Settling on Mars! Doesn’t this sound awesome? Mars One is an organization that has predicted the human settlement on the red planet in a couple of decades. After years of research and work, they found out that Mars… Continue Reading →


Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the release of the sensational iPhone 8, here is a sneak peek. iPhone 8 is the next big Apple launch and Apple will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. And here are some… Continue Reading →

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