How to be a ‘Man’

Shreya Gandhe

When asked about the time of life that people enjoy most, the answer usually received is- the time they have spent at college. Little do they know, that not everybody’s college life is hearts and flowers. I, am a living… Continue Reading →

Not Alone

Radhika Bilolikar

Tick tock. Tick tock. The clock struck seven. But she wouldn’t know. Her eyes remained shut. This was unfortunate because she had a test in twenty minutes. That’s when her alarm started ringing. Frustrated, she flung the cursed thing across… Continue Reading →

Our Last Summer Apart

Vaishnavi Pabboju

  “This was a bad idea. Whoever thought this was a good idea? Coming to this god forbidden, hell-hole of an island.” “It was your goddamn idea, El!” Mark yelled from the balcony, where he and his girlfriend were probably… Continue Reading →

The Perpetual Bond

Mahathi Sharma

“Manya, get out of my way or else I’ll have to get harsh now”. He hated people stopping him. “Listen…you…”, she started, but before she could complete the statement, he shoved her aside and left. This is something that happens every… Continue Reading →

Tab : Prolog

Bharathi Ramana Joshi

It was a cold winter morning and, as usual, Tab Trop was late to work.  The radio in his car was playing some music, to which he wasn’t listening as he was in a hurry. He could see that the… Continue Reading →

The Twisted Fate

Purva Shah

“Hey honey! How was your day?” “Best day ever, mum”, replied Jackson as pale as grey. He trudged towards his room, hoping his mom hadn’t seen his eyes that clearly expressed his excruciating feelings. He slowly shut the door behind… Continue Reading →

PHASE I – Eternal Beauty, LOST

Meghana Palakodeti

Once upon a time, long long ago, our world was pretty similar to what we see now. There was a sun, stars, mountains, oceans, deserts and everything we see around us, though it wasn’t quite the same. The waters were… Continue Reading →

Anonymity Unveiled

Mahathi Sharma

Ever since she started writing, her ink got spent only for pain and people who hurt her.  Maybe that is how she found words and phrases for the agony she faced. She used to walk to the writing table every… Continue Reading →

It Shouldn’t Happen To a Vet

Madhurima Natcharaju

I knew I had to look good. I had been waiting so long for this. Finally I have the opportunity to see Helen….. For a vet working in Darrowby, looks are not the first priority. Generally, my patients are not really… Continue Reading →

An Evening To Remember

Hasmitha Acchi

“And the Captain finishes off with a six!” the match ended against Australia and Amogh was celebrating the moment jumping off the couch and giving the air punches. The moment his father entered the hall, he became stiff, not knowing… Continue Reading →

Happily Never After

Lasya Priya

“If you loved me, why did you run?” asked Charlie in a wheezy voice. Martha stayed silent for a few minutes before speaking up. “If you loved me, why did you stray?” It was Charlie’s turn to remain silent. “A… Continue Reading →

Husband to my wife

Sruthi Gadam

Inspired by the Indian anthology, ‘Urban shots’ The smell of burnt onions pervaded my nostrils. “Smitha?” I called out. “Smithaaa!” “HMMM!” she grunted back angrily from the kitchen. I smiled to myself. “Smitha!” I called out again. I slowly proceeded… Continue Reading →

The Pursuit of Love

Akanksha Bodhankar

Recently, I read the book, the ‘Forty Rules of Love’. It’s a sweet story which narrates how a person discovers love. At some point of time, each one of us have felt the need to be loved. For a few,… Continue Reading →


Varun Beldi

Slowly but steadily, Yash took Riya’s bloodied hand and put it on his broad shoulders. Her hand was completely bruised and splinters of glass pierced her thin, soft hand. Her long and beautiful fingers got crushed by the heavy boulders… Continue Reading →

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