Meghana Palakodeti

Welcome traveler, to my humble dwelling. Escape the unforgiving weather, quench your thirst and rest your back. Take a break from your great journey, for the path you have chosen, is a harsh one. What is this place you ask?… Continue Reading →

F.R.I.E.N.D.S – The One With The Weasleys

Abhay Krishna Kasavaraju

It was a normal morning at the Burrow, the home of the wizarding family, the Weasleys until the firecrackers which usually exploded in Fred and George’s room spread out into the dining room. “FRED AND GEORGE! OUT OF THE DINING… Continue Reading →

Am I Wrong?

Madhurima Natcharaju

As I walked back home, something felt wrong. The past one hour had been very eventful. But now with no one around me, I was scared. One question was continuously popping up in mind, ‘Am I wrong?’ Reaching home I… Continue Reading →

Tab : Prolog

Bharathi Ramana Joshi

It was a cold winter morning and, as usual, Tab Trop was late to work.  The radio in his car was playing some music, to which he wasn’t listening as he was in a hurry. He could see that the… Continue Reading →

The Hunt

Meghana Palakodeti

I like how you smile knowing I can see you. I like how you laugh knowing I can hear you. I like how you try to forget knowing I can feel you. But most of all I love how you… Continue Reading →

The Other Me

Shivani Bhatnagar

As I look out of the window, I see the morning sky grey with rain. The gusts of winds are knocking at my door. Being cold for such a long time isn’t a very good feeling. However, the dampness and… Continue Reading →

A Journey Of Land Through Mythical Creatures

Shreya Gandhe

A Journey through Land of Mythical Creatures Hidden in the dark, away from our sight, are many secrets yet to be unveiled. Sharpen your gaze and be ready to get blown away along this journey to explore some mythical creatures…. Continue Reading →


Snehitha Linga

ANONYMOUS “Good Morning!”, I heard someone say. But to whom? Where am I? It looks like I’m in a hospital. But why? What happened to me? Wait! But who am I? The person who wished me good morning comes to… Continue Reading →

Time Warp

Hasmitha Acchi

“Mike, wake up!” Alex shook me so hard that I finally woke up. “What up?” I yawned, rubbed my eyes and slid the blanket away from me. “You’ve got to see this, man!” Alex spoke with such a horror on… Continue Reading →

Silhouette-Part 1

Sruthi Gadam

“You are boring. I needed something new”, he told her calmly. Even after three months, she remembered every single detail of that day. A dizzying cold  had washed over her as she heard those words, a numbing tingling in her… Continue Reading →

Welcoming Change

Raasi Marrivagu

Vijay and Vani lived in a posh neighbourhood. On Vani’s birthday, they received a beautiful kaleidoscope, from their niece – Nikita. It wasn’t the kaleidoscope that moved them, but the note that was attached with it. Dear Vani and Vijay,… Continue Reading →

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