Strong wills, fragile hearts. Big dreams, small efforts. Confident bodies, inexperienced souls.Warm nature, cold attitude. We’re the youth. Walking with heavy hearts and helpless minds,Trying to move on after bitter goodbyes. Stitching our torn hearts,Blaming fate for our misfortunes. Plastic… Continue Reading →

हम है लडकी।

हम है लडकी। इस दुनिया का गहना। जो हर एक को  सजाये। जो हर एक को मुस्कुराना सिखाये। जो हर एक के पलको़ं पे छाये। जो हर एक को अपना बनाये। फिर  क्‍‍यों  ये दुनिया उसे ही राख बनाना चाहे।… Continue Reading →

एक दोस्त के लिये ।

आपने  हमे  हसना  सिखाया, फिर्से । आपने  हमे  जीना  सिखाया, फिर्से । खुद्से  प्यार  करना  सिखाया, फिर्से । खुद्को  खुश  रखना  सिखाया, फिर्से । खुशियाँ बांटना सिखाया, फिर्से । घम  को  भुलाना  सिखाया, फिर्से कमजोर  न  रेह्ना  सिखाया, फिर्से ।… Continue Reading →

The Red Traffic Signal

With five minutes till the main gates close The red signal stupefied my vehicle. I froze On the spot. That’s it. I’m late. Oh, the woes Of being tardy. Ah, these phases of morose. I look around and notice nice,… Continue Reading →

Where and How did I learn Python and Django?

tl;dr: It’s about the complete story of my life at KMIT and Django. Where did I use it, How did I learn? Go to the last heading to get the resources. My Guru – Jayant Kirtane Recently, My Python Guru(Jayant… Continue Reading →

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